😠Italy beat Belgium with some serious time-wasting...⏱️ (Euro 2020 2-1 Insigne Barella Immobile)

Objavljeno 3. jul. 2021
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  • Good luck with the recovery Spinazzola! It's a good job Thorgan was silenced by Kevin De Bruyne... Who's your money on - Spain or Italy? Mine is on Italy...

  • hahaha we got them good!

  • Italy are diving cheats

  • bruh it's not true italy won onestly without wasting time

  • Si! 4 mundiales y 2 euros, y Bélgica ha ganado…

  • A fact on this parody: spinazzola is the only who weren't faking

  • 0:40

  • Aww someone’s mad they lost

  • Because of italy a stopclock should be introduced Such pathetic time wasting divers

  • count doku XD

  • Good song

  • A waste of time

  • 🇧🇪 1 - 2 🇮🇹

  • 😂😂😂🇧🇪

  • did you watch the same match with me?

  • what song is this?

  • Italy: wast time at 80' England: wast time at 3'

  • Cry🤣🤣

  • You should have animated Ronaldo at home going for Italy.

  • Bisogna saper perdere nella vita !!!! Godooooo!!

  • “Destined to be eternal Our hearts for you alone Destined to be eternal Our lives for you alone Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victorious! Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victorious! ROME, OH ROME From the scorching hot Libya Flies the eagle of the legions Over the land of the Britons Flies the eagle of the legions Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victorious! Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victorious! ROME, OH ROME Her strength is Italic Our duty to father Mars Her strength is Italic Our duty to father Mars Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victorious! Legion! Eternal! Eternal! Victorious! ROME CAPUT MUNDI”

  • 0:33

  • 'Time wasting little bitches' spot on.

  • Italy do lots of wasting time but it works

  • I hate it how italy was time wasting but hopefully recover spinazolla fast

  • stupid penalty by Belgium? no... ok..

    • @Nicolò Stea I don’t mind Italy winning You do deserve it I also don’t care about England losing Cheating happens in football so I don’t lose my shit when chelini (can’t spell) threw saka on the floor

    • @Tom Murchuis I know it's a joke, also because if we would cheat, we wouldn't have won the European

    • Because the vid focuses on Italy Anyway it’s a joke

  • What's the song

  • No vid about Sterling diving?

  • What's the original song ?

  • Italy scores Two Absolute bangers, plays Better football, get denied a clear penalty, belgium scored Only thanks to a questionable penalty, and yet we are talking about time wasting? Sounds like someone butt Is still hurting

    • The video is a joke...... Are you that childish And anyway it’s true Italy was time wasting

  • Count Dooku 😂😂

  • lawcatelli and sons lol

  • My waste of time was watching this

    • @Il quarantesimo J really? How is that irony Bruh This guy is trying to cover up his mishaps Bruh We know you wrote this comment with legitimacy

    • @Tom Murchuis dude it’s ironity 🤦‍♂️

    • @Il quarantesimo J how is that a joke...

    • @Tom Murchuis that was supposed to be a joke anyway

    • @Tom Murchuis why

  • Just a thing: In Belgium, we agree that Italia was better, their keeper was a fucking monster (courtois himself couldn’t block the KDB’s shoot !! WTF ?? HOW DID HE DO THAT ?!!!) And Chiellini was really good and they had a good teamplay,... So, we don’t have problem with that lose... We were with italia for the ½ and the final. But just, we can speak over Immobile and the simulations 🤷🏽 There where a spend of time , it’s a fact and it’s sad... But they where better.

    • @Tom Murchuis I did it but so much comments...

    • @A.N. Onyme then reply to those comments instead of making it an isolated comment that is peculiar to most people viewing it

    • @Tom Murchuis I was speaking about the comments

    • You didn’t need to comment this This video is just mocking Italy’s time wasting methods It’s just a joke

  • What game did you Watch? Italy outclassed belgium and insigne scored a wondergoal..

    • No shit But dean was making a joke about Italy time wasting His vids are jokes Why are you taking them seriously 😒

  • 0:50 When Viet Cong bless Italian

  • Italy were more embarrassing than Timo Werner in front of goal. 😄

    • I'm a chelsea fan 😥

  • those are neymars friends

  • They made fun of Italy in every game, but now it's coming Rome 😍🇮🇹😍

  • I'ts coming ROME

  • Fake fake and fake belgium was the one that was time wasting when the time was up belgium got 5 min extra for an goal

    • @Tom Murchuis now it doesnt matter anymore italy is champion

    • Did we watch the same game? Why would Belgium time waste when they were losing

  • I've never seen a video so salty like this, I don't know if you've seen the match but Italy outclassed Belgium, a very generous penalty and Lukaku not existent totally canceled by a monstrous Chiellini. It's always nice to see salty fans hahahahaha🤡🤡🤡

  • This is a stupid video. Guy legit busted his Achilles, and the goalkeeper got elbowed by his own defender right before the Belgian slammed into him. The English play like horses but expect everyone else to stay on their feet whenever there’s contact.

  • Imagine making fun of a guy who tore his achilles. Shameful

    • if you look, when he is taken away, thorgan hazard's mouth is covered from calling him a diver

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🤝🌍

  • It was a disgraceful performance by Italy absolutely against the beautiful game

  • There time wasting little b££££££

  • Does not want me aliveeee



  • Would like one for their cheating against England.

    • 🧂🧂🧂

    • @Fresh Mapper No crying here sore winner go take your hollow win chick hicks.

    • Che schifo. Cry mate. SIAMO CAMPIONI DI EUROPA 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹


  • the Italians take acting classes before matches to practices their dives

  • Spinazzola was seriously injured, poor taste

    • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • LOL🤣🤣😂😂


  • and they say England are the only divers in the world

  • People forget that this is a parody

  • italy won

  • Forza italia

  • Immobile does that all the time! Even in Serie A!

  • Ref look he kicked me to the floor aAaAAAAH they will need to amputate

  • How embarrassing were the Italian players in the last 10 minutes? Let me know in the comments and will Spain ever get their own proper cartoon at the EUROs? Hmmmmmmm, maybe in the semi-final. Adios! CREDITS

    • You don’t need to like it!

    • The Italian players were not that much embarrassing in the last 10 minutes but they were very injured and they had problems during each minute so they have to go to a hospital in Rome if they are in Belgium. Quick question guys! Where do you think the stadium is? Italy or Belgium? Reply below, I think the stadium’s in Italy! So free, Roberto Mancini will take them to Rome Hospital for just a few days before the semi-finals. But make sure that happens, okay?! Fine, Sbohem!

  • Managing time is best skill you can have dude.

  • This was the best 442oons video in a long time

  • At least the Referee isn't Byron Moreno

  • And people claim England are the cheaters 😂

  • Suck haters, Italians do It better...EVERYTHING 🖕

  • Imobile and Sterling best dive of euro 2020 Neymar me for copa america🤣

  • In italiano and this Is an oltragion

  • C’è la siamo sudata è non abbiamo simulatata la partita magari loro l’anno simulata con doku che cade a cazzo 🤫🇮🇹

  • I cured the lame 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Original song is stitches

  • How salty AHHAAHHAHA

    • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • of course an English guy calling Italians embarrassing, has he watched his own country play? 😂😂😂

    • yes we did and we played just like other players so don't Assume things wrongly

    • im a denmark fan and i accepted the loss today i thought it was a dive and i watch the dive again and i changed my mind it was a foul our defender clipped him

  • and people out here calling england diving cheats and backing italy

    • im a denmark fan and i accepted the loss today i thought it was a dive and i watch the dive again and i changed my mind it was a foul our defender clipped him

  • 😂😂😂


  • Bro Spinazzola broke his backheel

  • One had been seriously injured, but the others were actually wasting time with their comedy ! But it is not the only thing to remember about Belgium VS Italy match, Italians game was gold, in comparison with my country's game. Good luck for the final match, Italy.

  • love how they did not mention the very generous penalty for belgium...

    • Because the video isn’t focusing at Belgium at all ffs Are you guys that stupid

  • England vs Italy final will be total chaos and diving

  • Cap

  • At least they didnt win by a unfairly given penalty...

  • You really don’t know how to lose

  • Rosicone aspetto il video dove: giocate con 2 palloni in campo, Sterling si tuffa in area di rigore e i laser in faccia al portiere della Danimarca 😂

  • Oh oh oh, and now? You're in the final thanks to a stupido penalty that shouldn't even considered because there were Ballons! But you know, England, he plays most of the matches at Wembley, so...

  • Aym from België Italië 😭😭😭😭😭😭 he tackeld me 😡😡😡

  • Make sterling dive too!

  • FraudFraud2oons, the title of this video fits perfectly the game England X Denmark. I wonder how that will be shown... XD

  • Italy destroyed Belgium

  • What do you mean, the ref played so dirty against Italy in the game

  • 442oons: You have Immobile? We have Faleem Sterling and Harry P.Kane! It's Diving Home Boys!!! @/blackdivesmatter

  • Who's here after England Denmark, yes Italy dives🤡


  • Well at least we ridi it

  • This video prove that you don’t know how to lose, italy Was better and tell that Spinazzola just fall it’s disgusting. I’m happy that you didn’t win, you didn’t deserved and the next Time sing your anthem europe, not just italy and sing that with passion.

    • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Can someone tell me the song for this

    • Can’t lie, I like the 442oons version better. More fast paced

    • stitches

  • Immobile was so funny

  • Song?