🏆Ronaldo Record! Rudiger bites Pogba!🏆 (#5 Euro 2020 Highlights France vs Germany Hungary Portugal)

Objavljeno 16. jun. 2021
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  • “Messi drew , what a shame! hahaha “ Also Messi : Wins copa Amerika

  • 1:11 This aged well...

  • I liked the song

  • Messi now has won Copa America single handedly 1:11

  • 🇩🇪 0 - 1 🇫🇷

  • 🇵🇹 3 - 0 🇭🇺

  • Meanwhile in the Hungarian fan zone: ,,Ronáldó homoseksual, Ronáldó homoseksual!" And that's true. Go cry about it.

  • wtf*** was that rudgier

  • Such a good song

  • 0:48

  • 0:47

  • 1:59

  • Petiton for Rudiger to be animated only with Suarez teeth from this point on.

  • 00:54

  • Top ten songs this year

  • "Penaldo" lol who cares about that he is the top scorer in history of football

    • But is he winning the ballon d'or this year? ;)

  • I hate coke and Pepsi

  • here after messi won the copa america

  • Ronaldo and Fernandes: Messi drew oh what a shame. Messi: and I took that personally

  • 1:14 CR7: Messi drew what a shame! Me: well that escalated quickly

  • “Messi drew wow so lame” That aged well

  • Messi won oh what a Shame

  • from hungari

  • Rudiger the walking dead

  • “Messi drew, oh what a shame” Messi won Copa America, Ronaldo didn’t even make the quarters in the Euros

  • The song that was sung in the Hungary vs Portugal is a parody of the song “Hall of Fame” by The Script feat. will.i.am.

  • "Messi drew" atleast he won copa america

  • 1:12 whos laughing now ronny

  • Who's here after messi won the copa america

  • Can you make a video Argentina vs Brazil hightlights? I want to hear Tomas müller joke about this and ofc Ronaldos reaction

  • Not penaldo it’s Free kick Aldo

  • 1:11 Ronaldo must be so mad after the copa america final

  • 0:44 Didn’t pass Next game Portugal 🇵🇹 makes the best counter attack against Germany 🇩🇪

  • What a shame Ronaldo got eliminated by Belgium in the Round of 16 and Messi is in the Copa America Final

  • The cannibal of Germany

  • 1:01 tf that was weird

  • 1:15 like if you are here after Argentina reached the Coppa America final and won it while Portugal lost in the round of 16's.

  • I think ronaldo will be champion in every year. He is the mountain of football. He will defeat all the players even Messi too he said I think.

  • Who bite POGBA on his back🤔🤔🤔

  • Please put this song in apple music

  • Penaldo x Penandes

  • love your cartoons 442oons road to 10milion subs

  • well this video about portugal aged well ;)

  • 🇭🇺0-3🇵🇹 🇫🇷1-0🇩🇪

  • Sir u again predicted the future. Low really caught licking his fingers during match vs England. 😂😂😂

  • Platini: scores his 9 goals in only 1 Euros. Ronaldo: scores his 10 goal in 5 Euros. 7yo CR7 fans: Ronaldo is better than Platini!

  • Humels scored goal in 2014 vs france Humels scored own goal in 2020 vs france

  • Well those 2 Euro trophys didnt age well.

  • 🇧🇪1- 0 Protugal

  • The real question is why was pogbas shoulder there

  • 0:34

  • Lol


  • I Love roanldo version hall of fame😋😋😋

  • Ronaldo is the greatest to play football because he has won five champions league

  • 0:24 Suarez voice from nowhere at Euro

  • what song is you parody in the first song

    • Hall of fame

  • Please do a 1 hour version of the song

  • Can u do euro 2020 the group stage in 100 second like world cup 2018?

  • 0:12

  • is very funny I like that

  • germany madeeeeeeeee it yessssssssssss


  • Rudiger must have taken notes from Luis Suarez and Anthony Annan. It's the only thing that makes sense.

  • Hey guys in my playstation iqin fifa 21 i chapion legeu final man united vs piemonte calcio ronaldo vs bronu i bring goal by bicycal kick

  • It's hall of fame🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I came here after They lose to Germany

  • Want to the original song it hall of fame

  • suuu

  • In the first The Script's song Hall Of Fame was used thanks for using it

  • 0.7 Shut Up Bruno 😅

  • The watery italian importantly meddle because pyramid accordantly enter outside a jazzy radio. hypnotic, plastic hamster

  • Song-1 : Hall of Fame

  • France couldve destroyed Germany with 3-0. But the Offside Jury of Fifa doesnt allowed it. You know marketing and all

  • France Portugal Germany vs Hungary balanced Group the Group is balanced like League Of Legends

  • What is the worst thing for Germany? The defeat or Pogba has been the player of the game? 😂😂😂

  • Finali portugál 4th place xd

  • Penaldo XD

  • That hall of fame song is lit from Ronaldo

  • slflow.info/town/z6qpmXiPmnjGvZA/video

  • 👍

  • slflow.info/town/0XaKfot6mGucvIQ/video

  • Ronaldo: Drink water cuz Koke is lame. That reminded me of Danny Drinkwater and Koke 1:04

  • After listening to ‘Ronaldo’ on 442oons say that “you can’t even win the europa league” to Bruno fernandes I thought that ronaldo couldn’t even win the serie A let alone the fact that he came in 4th 1 point ahead of going into the europa league. LMAO

  • I think suarez gave Rudiger rabies

  • i am hungary

  • Rudiger: Bites Pogba Suarez: thats my boy

  • Portugal 2 - 4 Germany

  • Does anyone know the name of the original song?

    • @Max Carter thanks

    • It Hall of Fame by The Script

  • In the Germany vs Portugal match at half time. Portugal have scored 3 goals yet are losing 2-1


  • 1:26 who is here after Jota pass to Ronaldo vs Germany

  • The invincible rainbow aboaly taste because fox rheologically knit save a annoyed cable. oafish, thankful snowman

  • Var part got me

  • That wasn't really a bite. To my eyes, Rudiger nuzzled Pogba

  • This is my best youtube channel More content bruv

  • I loved that game noise when he ran to the penalty spot

  • For the Hungary flag u should put rashford in the middle of it

  • "I hate Koke Cola..". Hilarious